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Desktop Computers  •  Servers  •  NAS

Computer Repair, Backup & Virus Removal Services

118 S 30th Street, Newark, OH 43055

(740)  616 - 4470

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Welcome To Our New Shop!

118 S 30th Street
(Next To:  David Sanor Hair Salon)


We can usually get you in the same day.

Services Available:
Carside  Contactless  Service
House Call Pickup & Delivery

Call:   (740) 616 - 4470
Viruses & Spyware

$49 per Computer.
Click here for details.

Norton 360
Deluxe 1-Year

$79 Installed.
Click here for details.

Backup / Recover
Your Data

$12 per CD or DVD.
Click here for details.

Customer Reviews

Read Over 80+
Customer Comments

Upgrade To
Windows 10

$129 plus Installation
Click here for details.

For Sale

Desktops & Laptops
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Home or Business
House Calls

$15 Plus the Service
Click here for details.

Replace Your
Laptop Keyboard

$59 Installed
Click here for details.

Security Camera

$399 Installed
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Computer  Repair  Services

Virus Removal

Part Replacement

Software Installation
Welcome!  Do you need your computer repaired or serviced?  Have viruses and malware taken over your computer causing it to slow down or not even work at all?  We can help!  TheComputerWash.com can fix anything that is wrong with your computer, and fast!  We service all Desktop, Laptop, Mobile Workstations, NAS, and Server computers.  Do you need a computer network installed?  We can do that for you too.   Complete and fast installation and we can supply everything that you need. Call today!
Turnaround Time 

 is 24-Hours on all services.      Pickup & Delivery  

  Service is also available.
We Have Now Served Over 13,000 Customers!

TheComputerWash.com Better Business Bureau Rating = A+

Password Recovery

Overnight Service

Full Website Design


Gaming PC 50-Step Tune-Up Service

$365 to $465  •  Desktops  •  Laptops  •  NVIDA  •  AMD
Turnaround Time is about 24 to 36 Hours on this Service  •  Click here for details.

Install Your
Desktop Printer

$69 plus A Service Call.
At Your House or Business.

Computer Training

$49 plus A Service Call.
Click here for details.

Digital Audio Networks
for PA Systems

Repair • Install • Replace
Click here for details.

Replace Laptop
LCD Screen

$99 plus $39 Installtion.
Click here for details.

Computer Network

$69 to $269 Installed.
Click here for details.

Replace Hard Drive
2.5"OR  3.5" Mechanical

$99 plus $39 Installtion.
Click here for details.

Replace / Upgrade
Desktop Power Supply

$99 plus $39 Installtion.
Click here for details.

Computer Network

$269 to $10995 Installed
Click here for details.


Replace Hard Drive
2.5" Solid State SSD

$199 Installed.
Click here for details.

Replace Your
Laptop Power Jack

$39 plus part cost.
Click here for details.

Replace Your
Laptop Charger

Brand New $29 to $39
Click here for details.

Install Your
Computer Software

$29 Each Title Installed
Click here for details.

Services We Provide
Desktop Computer Repair
Laptop Computer Repair
Mobile Workstation Computer Repair
Home Server Computer Repair
Server Computer Repair
NAS Repair
Computer Upgrades
Computer Diagnostics
Computer Hookup
Computer Setup
Computer Tuneup
Custom Built Computer Systems
Repurpose An Older Computer
Prepare Your Brand New Computer
Help You Buy A New Computer
Pickup & Delivery Service
Data Backup On CD/DVD or USB
Data Backup Software
Data Transfer
Data Recovery
Hard Drive Installation
Hard Drive Cloning
Hard Drive Defragmentation
Erase (Wipe) Hard Drive
CD/DVD Drive Installation
Driver Updates
Update Microsoft Windows
Rename Win-XP Start Button
Color Monitor Calibration
Desktop Full Service Digital Wash
Laptop Full Service Digital Wash
Server Full Service Digital Wash
Virus Removal
Spyware Removal
Adware Removal
Malware Removal
Trojan Virus Removal
Rootkit Virus Removal
Tracking Cookies Removal
Anti-Virus Installation
Firewall Installation
Internet Security Installation
Operating System Re-Install
Software Installation
Software Removal
System Restore
Registry Cleaning
Speed Up Settings
Printer Repair
Printer Installation
Printer Service
Scanner Repair
Scanner Installation
Scanner Service
Fax Repair
Fax Installation
Fax Service
Computer Hardware Repair
Computer Hardware Installation
Sound Card Installation
Speaker System Installation
Video Card Installation
Motherboard Installation
Memory Upgrade Installation
Network Design
Network Service
Network Repair
Wired Network Installation
Wireless Network Installation
Email Setup
Transfer Email To New Computer
IT Consulting
Personal Computer Training
Business Computer Training
Digital Signage Design
Digital Signage Sales
Digital Signage Installation
Digital Signage Programing
Digital Signage Service
Digital Signage Repair

Call:  TheComputerWash  Today!

(740) 616 - 4470

24 Hour Repair Service

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